Must-Have Protective Tools Every Woman Should Have

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As the women of today are no longer the stay-at-home type, they must protect themselves at all cost whenever they are out and about. It’s always best to be prepared against any sexual attack or harassment that they may encounter while out of their homes or even in their own abodes.

A 2011 government survey on rape and domestic violence showed that in the U.S., nearly one in five women had been raped or had experienced an attempted rape at some point in their lives. The report also said one in six women have been stalked.

The study entitled National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey suggested as well that 1.3 million American women may be victims of rape or attempted rape.

What Women Can Do

These alarming statistics and information should warn women and make them more vigilant as they go about their daily lives particularly when they’re out on the streets. Being alert and observant of the people in your surroundings is a must to ensure your safety at all times.

There are many ways women can do to protect themselves. Some women may prefer to learn the basic self defense techniques by enrolling in a martial arts course.

For those who don’t have the time to do this, though, you can simply buy certain self defense tools readily available in the market today.

Pepper/Bear/MACE Spray


This is a very handy tool that many women carry in their purses and vehicles. Women are allowed to carry this being a non-lethal tool. Do make sure, however, that you buy the quality one ideal for law enforcement and military use.

Stun Gun


This tool uses high voltage that can immobilize an attacker as it targets the nervous system. There are many types available these days other than the rectangular design. The lipstick style is also a good one to get as it can serve as a disguise.

Monkey Fist/Ball

monkey-fist ball

From afar, this product looks like a key chain but when you swing it against a person, it can cause serious physical injury on him or her. Unknown to some, this monkey fist contains a steel ball wrapped in a paracord.

Honeycomb Hairbrush

honeycomb hairbrush

This self defense weapon is a real hairbrush but the handle can actually be removed to reveal a dagger. It comes handy when you’re attacked on the street and want to stab your assailant.

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