Online Fundraising

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Fundraising has always been a noble activity.  It involves soliciting contributions usually in money form and other resources.  These resources called donations are collected from organizations, individuals, businesses, government agencies, and charitable institutions.  However, due to the frequency in which fundraising activities are conducted, there arises the possibility of donation fatigue wherein regular contributors get overwhelmed by requests and may no longer be inclined to respond accordingly.

Traditional fundraising is done face-to-face .  Fundraisers will usually be seen on the streets, knocking on doors of private homes, and giving solicitation letters to companies. For a long time, these methods have delivered expectations. However, because of the complexity of organizing and conducting highly productive fundraising activities, many individuals and institutions have opted to get the services of professional fundraisers.

An arrangement is made between the professional fundraiser and the person or institution initiating the fundraising activity in relation to how the former gets to be compensated for the services it rendered.  Although most entities that regularly conduct fundraising hire a personnel to handle this task, a third party firm may be a more viable option for specific purposes .  One of the more recent innovations in this philanthropic work is the online fundraising.

Technology has allowed many aspects of human life to be more convenient.  Fundraising is just one area that has been identified to have potentially beneficial applications of advances in technology.  Several methodologies of fundraising have been seen online including auctions, raffles, and sale of donated items.

In this new wave of fundraising innovations , Causera Fundraising carves a niche of its own in the world of social fundraising.  Its concept originated from parents who happened to be technologically inclined and who were looking for a way to conduct a school fundraising with more efficiency.  Apparently, the concept clicked since non-profit organizations are also using it.

The concept entails partnering with businesses who are interested in bringing their products to the attention of customers while serving a worthwhile cause.  The advantages presented in this option include suitable control on the hands of the organizer as well as maintenance of security and privacy over all communication with its community.  The professional fundraiser simply facilitates social commerce by bringing together the organizers and the business entities.

Participants to this type of online fundraising can expect to be given a wide choice of products to choose from where their purchases can count as contributions to the fundraising.  This eliminates being forced to buy items which are not needed.  In this fundraising arrangement, everyone who participates is expected to gain a pleasurable fundraising experience.


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