The Bridge Course for Better Nursing Job Opportunities

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Every person in whatever profession seeks to gain access to better job opportunities. The betterment of one’s self in terms of career is a natural desire of every working adult regardless of the field they are in. Job stagnancy is something that is not preferred specifically by people who have a clear idea of where they want to go with their careers.
In the nursing profession, the basic requirement to land a nursing job is to have a Registered Nurse (RN) License. The goal does not stop at obtaining such license since there are certain requirements for maintaining it. One of these is to pursue continuing education units. The initial recourse is to take degree programs such as a bachelor’s degree. Those who aspire for higher positions will most probably consider higher learning as well due to the strict qualifications required of managerial positions.
The most logical educational route to take is to enroll in a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Program. This program is typically taken for the purpose of preparing nurse experts for advanced practice and leadership positions. The program will involve studying various interdisciplinary approaches in the healthcare industry. MSN Programs may consist of 36 to 67 credits for 18 to 24 months of study. It can take longer for some, specifically for part-time students.
There is one option that can expedite the process of finishing an MSN and this is through the RN to MSN Programs which can be taken on-campus or online. There are specialized MSN Programs for specific line of interest thus individual coursework may vary among those taking the program. An RN to MSN Program can be finished in a shorter time when compared to coursework required in finishing a separate bachelor and master’s degree program. The advantage of taking this program lies in decreased length of study time, although the cost of credits is not very much different to the regular degree programs. The cost also tends to be lesser because of the accelerated manner of learning.
The RN to MSN Program can be taken online but the residency program will require physical presence of the student for a specified period of time. This is something which most medical and health courses cannot do without since actual practice is as important as academic knowledge. It should be noted that students who finish an RN to MSN degree program can continue on to a doctorate degree in nursing required in higher employment positions.
Finishing an RN to MSN Program is seen as an advantage when a required nurse is eyeing a job as nurse educator or manager. Some of the specializations offered include acute care, neo natal, family, palliative care, psychiatric, and geriatrics, among others.
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Gladys is a senior nurse administrator who has had the personal experience of gaining the advantages of finishing an RN to MSN Program.

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