Create an Elegant Outdoor Entertaining Space

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Entertaining well starts with a solid setup, with all of the equipment, furniture, and space you need to have people over and help them enjoy the time they spend with you. Once you’ve created the perfect indoor entertainment room, it’s time to take a look at your outdoor space and spruce that up as well. Create an elegant outdoor entertaining space with these features your family and guests will love.

Tiered Deck: Start your elegant outdoor space right outside your back door with the help of a tiered deck. This serves as a transition from your house to your yard, while also providing several spaces along the way for different activities, like playing, grilling, and relaxing. Incorporate planters into your deck to bring color and life, and consider adding a hot tub, if you have space, for the ultimate in luxury for you and your guests.

Wet or Dry Bar: You’ll be serving up all sorts of food and drinks outside, so create a space to serve those from. A simple dry bar can stock basic supplies and act as a workspace and serving area, and a wet bar allows you to do more food preparation and even wash the dishes you keep outside. Set up your bar near the main seating area so it’s always close at hand for the guests. If you’re installing a wet bar, it will be best near your home to minimize the cost of running plumbing to it.

Patio Furniture: Once your guests get their drinks, they’ll definitely want a place to sit down and relax with them. Get a sturdy and elegant outdoor furniture set so you can lounge and dine out on your deck, patio, or lawn. An umbrella will make this more comfortable during the day, while lights around the furniture will allow you to stay out later at night. Look for a comfortable set so you’ll never feel like you have to go inside just because you’re stiff from sitting on rigid chairs.

Fire Pit: One of the best ways to extend the seasons when you can use your outdoor entertaining area is to build a fire pit. This allows you to be outdoors during those chillier spring and fall evenings, and also creates an ambiance of warmth and comfort for everyone. Consider installing a built-in fire pit near your seating area, or even an outdoor fireplace if you prefer that look.

Horseshoes: Don’t forget to add something fun, especially if you have young kids or teenagers, who are less likely to be happy entertaining themselves. A horseshoe pit can add a rustic touch to your yard and provide a way to get the laughter going when you have a tough crowd. Other ideas include lawn games like corn hole or bocce, which are easy to set up if you don’t have space for something permanent.

During many times of the year, you would much rather be outside enjoying the breeze and perfect temperatures with family and friends than stuck indoors. Create an outdoor space that reflects your personal style and the way your family lives so you’ll feel comfortable entertaining there. Then don’t forget to host a party to break in the space!


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