3 Effective Ways of Removing Pet Hair in Your Home

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Raising pets is a great responsibility but it brings a lot of benefits to a family or a couple. The therapeutic effect of caring for a cat or dog alone is one that cannot be bought.

As a pet owner, you are responsible for maintaining the health of your beloved animal and for maintaining the cleanliness inside and outside of your home. Most often, pet hair scattered around the house is what many homeowners find a real problem and hard to deal with.


But there are fast and easy solutions for this concern. We share some tips here that won’t be difficult to do.

Use an electrostatic mop to remove pet hair on wood and other hard floors. Compared to the vacuum that can blow the hair away and spread around the house, the mop works like a magnet and lets the hair stick to it making it easy to get those animal fur.

Use a hand vacuum for cleaning your upholstered furniture. Preferably, use a vacuum with a motorized beater-bar attachment or the upholstery tool of your vacuum.

Using a lint brush meant for clothes or a dry sponge for upholstery also helps.

Rubber gloves particular those with ridges do a good job, too.

The tape or lint roller is effective as well for removing animal hair on clothing.

For your carpets, use a vacuum cleaner several times a week and make sure to adjust it to its full suction mode. If possible, get a vacuum that has a high efficiency particulate air filter.

Inside your car, cover your seats with a blanket or use a lint roller as well to pick up those pet hair.

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