Easy Stress Busters for the Busy Folks

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Are you often stressed from your workload at the office and parenting responsibilities? Many people who are anxious often find it an easy way to buy over the counter medicines to cure their headaches and other body aches. But you don’t have to do this because there are natural ways to relieve your stress.

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By natural, we mean something you can do on a daily basis and one that won’t cost you much. We share some of the easy steps you can take that are proven effective by research.

Do the nature walk. A recent study done by scientists from Chiba University has discovered that nature walks are more effective in relieving stress compared to a stroll in the city. Some interesting findings revealed by the Japanese researchers were a 12.4 percent drop in the cortisol (stress hormone) level, a 7 percent decrease in sympathetic nerve activity, a 1.4 percent drop in blood pressure and 5.8 percent reduction in heart rate. So remember that a little time spent outdoors is beneficial to people.

Stroke your cat or dog. Experts have found that stroking the fur of a cat or dog makes a person feel better after a hard day’s work. The benefits? Lower blood pressure, relaxed mind and lower anxiety levels.

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Aromatherapy is it. Since the ancient times, the use of scented oils has been proven to be effective in treating certain ailments. In fact in Europe, aromatherapy is considered an alternative medical treatment. Make sure to use only the concentrated and pure essential oils.

Meditation helps. Meditating for a few minutes every day is a big help to keeping the stress away. It’s been found by studies to lower stress levels, treat mood disorders, depression, cancer and other psychiatric and medical conditions. A 10-minute meditation each day can go a long way.

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