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Some homeowners are very hands on when it comes to fixing things not working well in their homes. It’s nice to try your hand at repairing fixtures once in a while and sometimes, it even gets you hooked to
doing these DIY stuff when you find out how easy it is to fix them up.

The problem you may encounter at times, though, is the lack of the right tools to use. Lucky for those who have already invested in these major power tools but for those still planning to get them, don’t buy just yet. You know why? You can actually just rent some quality tools you need instead of purchasing them.

Think about it. How often would you use them in your home? Most probably once or twice a year and they’ll sit in the cabinet or any storage space you have for the rest of the year. But if you rent, you can save space and time or even money.

Here are some tools worth renting, according to the experts.

Rotary hammer – This tool can cost a minimum of $200 but if you rent it, you can spend only $35 for four hours. You can use it in drilling deeper holes about five inches in your foundation. Being a power tool, it can accomplish the task in less than a minute compared to using just the ordinary drill.

Tile saw – Ideal for renovation projects, renting a quality tile saw can help you cut all types of tiles including the ceramic, porcelain and even the thicker ones such as the marble. You can rent it for an estimated $50 for a day’s use. This is best to use instead of buying a cheap saw which have limited capabilities. A top quality saw can cut tiles cleanly and without chipping the edges.

Post-hole digger – If you’re building a fence or a deck in your patio, it may be better to rent a one- or two-person power auger. Another option would be a Bobcat skid-steer that’s also capable of digging a hole. Make sure you know the type of soil you have to the rental center can recommend the most suitable one for you.

Paint sprayer – Using a paint sprayer enables you to achieve an even coat on any surface unlike when you’re using a brush or roller. You may be tempted to buy the cheap one available at less than $100 but
they have disadvantages. It’s best then to rent a commercial HVLP sprayer to have that professional looking finish you so desire and what’s great about it is you can save time.

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