Breast Enhancement and Your Health

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Breast augmentation or breast enhancement is quite common these days. That does not mean though that it is a smart decision to just go ahead and have the procedure done without educating yourself on its possible effects on your health.

Granted that breast enhancement procedures these days are generally safe, as with any invasive surgical procedure, there are possible complications that can arise. This is true whether you opt for silicone gel implants or for saline implants.

One of the more serious risks associated with breast implants is the possibility of a rupture. Ruptures are not very common, but they do happen. Although there long term effects of breast implant ruptures are still unknown, it is clear that having the silicone gel or the saline solution leak inside you is not good for your health. If your breast implant does rupture, you would need to have the implant removed, which would obviously entail undergoing another surgery; taking a tool not only on your health but also your


Another risk that comes with breast enhancement that you need to consider is the possibility of getting deformed breast due to complications such as capsular contracture (hardening of breast area around the implant), calcification (build up of calcium in your breast tissue), ptosis (sagging breasts), and more. Such problems will usually end up with you having to get additional procedures to either correct the deformity or even to have the entire implant taken out.

Of course there are also the other complications that accompany any kind of surgery, such as infections, inflammations, delayed healing, scarring, and more.

The above health complications, however, wasn’t listed to turn you off from undergoing breast augmentation procedures. Instead, it should serve as a warning for you to make sure that you only go with a qualified

expert that has a very solid track record not only for performing excellent surgeries, but also with dealing with resulting complications.


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