Do You Have a Boss from Hell?

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One of the best things about being a work-at-home mom is that I don’t need to report to a boss every single day. That doesn’t mean that my two little boys are less demanding than the bossiest bosses

out there, if anything I’m pretty sure my baby can out yell any boss when its time to nurse him, still I’d pick a fussy, but loving and cute baby boy as my boss any day.

Though I have chosen to stay at home, that does not mean that Ball Gown robes de mariĆ©e I haven’t had my share of bad bosses. I’ve had a boss, who not was blatant with his favoritism but skirted the law with tax issues. I’ve had a passive aggressive boss who liked to yell at her assistant, but somehow tiptoed around me (Am I that scary?). And I even had a boss who didn’t know half of what he was doing and got swindled half of the time by incompetent “teachers”. I guess it doesn’t matter what industry you work in, you can be sure that just around the corner a bad boss awaits.

Some bosses take the cake when it comes to being the source of their subordinate’s misery. These “bosses from hell” as dubbed by the infographic from Become Career are usually demanding, have fuzzy expectations, like drama, and are defensive and unreliable. Sounds familiar?

Well if you’ve got a boss from hell, then it wouldn’t be surprising if you’re unhappy at work. Maybe it’s time for you to go job hunting, although he chances of landing a job with just as terrible or even worse boss is pretty high. Or maybe you can also just print out the
Robe demoiselle d’honneur rouge infographic and (sneakily) leave it at your boss’ desk. Truth be told, there’s just no one way to handle bad bosses, but remember the buy cialis “stress and tension caused by an abusive boss affects the marital tension and subsequently, the employee’s entire family.” So if you’re a boss, try being a better one. And if you’re not start finding ways to offset the negative effects that your bad boss might already be having on you and your family.

The Boss from Hell
From: Become Career

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