6 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Travel Destinations

If you’re in the mood for a bit of travelling and want to try somewhere a little more exciting, consider the following
countries. These travel destinations aren’t for just anyone as these are the world’s most dangerous travel destinations. Overall, these nations are
certainly fit the criteria for someone who is planning to take a cheap
but suffer many problems of their own. They aren’t for the faint of heart!

1. United States.

This might come as a surprise to you but the United States features some of the most gun-related deaths, murders
and car crashes out of any developed nation. While the country is generally safe to the average traveler, it’s worth
noting that your chances of being fatally shot are much higher than any other developed country. With more than 50
murders a day, this is one of the most dangerous places to travel to in the developed world. In particular, Detroit and
Chicago are known to be the “crime hubs” of the state so if you’re feeling extra cautious, avoid travelling there.

2. Somalia

Somalia is a nation in shambles. With a broken government and Somalian pirates roaming the surrounding seas, this
is one of the most dangerous nations in the world. Especially considering the fact that Marines tried to free Somalia
and were unsuccessful as were the
Ethopians in there attack against the revels. If you’re still considering visiting this nation, at least make sure that you
have proper insurance!

3. Afghanistan

Even after the multiple year long war in Afghanistan, Taliban rebels still control much of the region. Making it worse
is the fact that many landmines planted by the Soviets back during the Soviet Invasion are still present resulting in
hundreds of deaths. This is one of the dangerous travel destinations!

4. Antarctica

If you’re looking to check out somewhere cold, Antarctica is an option provided your willing to withstand extreme
conditions. With the coldest temperatures in the entire world, no medical facilities and absolutely nowhere to buy a
meal, this is the most dangerous travel destinations. Stick with your tour guide!

5. South Africa

While this nation isn’t as dangerous as Antarctica for instance, it’s still nothing to trivialize. South Africa is commonly
considered the “rape capital” with more than 100 occurring per 100 people. The cherry on the cake is that South Africa
has some of the highest murder rates out of any country. If you’re still planning to visit South Africa, be sure to stay in
the more urban areas like Capetown.

6. Brazil

Brazil is often considered to be both the most beautiful and dangerous country in the world. With extreme poverty
throughout the country, it’s considered inevitable that you will be mugged there. In fact, you can check out the
statistics for yourself
! More dangerous cities such as Rio de Janeiro feature some of the highest murder rates in
South America where travelers are advised to exercise extreme caution. Despite this, this is still the safest country on
this list so as long as you make sure to stay in the more developed areas, you should be fine.

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