Turning Business Trips to Language Trips

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They say that the world is getting smaller, and with canada goose black friday the super fast and convenient transportation available today plus the unparalleled connectivity brought about by the Internet, who’s to argue?

These days it is not uncommon for a business training to be held in another country and for top performers in sales departments to be sent to a faraway place for a luxurious trip. And though meetings can always be held via video conference, important ones still see various top execs and their assistants plus other key persons getting together from all over the world to make important decisions.

If you’ve ever been sent on a business trip, what do you do on your spare time?

Obviously, those sent on very short trips congested with meetings canada goose black friday sale 2015 will probably just ask “What spare time?”, but for those who actually have several hours a day to spare in a strange (or not so strange now with the frequency of your trips) land what is it that you do? Do you spend it all playing the tourist? Do you meet friends who happen to be there? Or do you end up cooped up in your hotel room just pining for your family?

One thing you might not have considered doing before is to learn more of the local language. Whatever industry you’re in, knowing more than one language is always a plus and being fluent in the language of the country where you get sent frequently an obvious asset. Why not arrange for language lessons to coincide with your next trip, after

all there’s no better place to learn the language than its own country of origin.  the next time you go to Thailand. Learn the basics of Mandarin in Shenzen (good luck with that!) while in China, and enjoy a mouthful of Dutch when you visit Denmark.

So on your next business trip, make sure that you do more than just take care of business. Enjoy the country and fatten up your resume by learning a new language.

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