Can Fasting at Night Really Make You Lose Weight?

Many people believe that fasting at night can help them lose weight more effectively than the other methods. Not eating after 6 p.m., they say, is a cheaper and easier option compared to following those specific branded diets. Research has confirmed this and registered dietitians have actually been recommending this for decades already. Study Findings […]

Designing Your Home Office In A More Earth And Spiritually Friendly Way

When it comes to working from home, different people do it for different reasons. Some people work from home because they have children that they want to stay with. Some people work from home due to illness. And, some people simply do it because it’s the green thing to do these days. By working from […]

How To Plan A Healthy Bedroom Atmosphere

When it comes to having a more relaxed life, you really need to take a moment to look at your home life. Is your home organized? Do you have a happy life? People that find happiness in more things tend to be healthier individuals. However, there are things in your home life that could be […]

Reasons Having A Porch or A Deck is Non-Negotiable When Searching For A House

Housing hunting comes with a long check list. For the most part, you can walk into a home and immediately know what it is you don’t like and what is is you see that has potential. When you’re aiming to remodel, your checklist might look a little different than somebody who wants a home to […]

Four Things You Should Be Doing For The Health Of Your Mind

Your mind is important, and you shouldn’t be wasting it. With things like Netflix, people have started using their minds even less, while they spend hours binge watching TV shows. Put down the remote, and start doing some things that will help your brain grow and stay stronger. The older you get, the more your […]

Top Five Places To Find Urban Fashion Looks

Urban fashion is sort of an interesting thing because it’s often the most striking outside of urban environments. So, if you want to stand out and impress a demographic that values uniqueness on that level, finding the right look is going to be where you’re going to start. So, specifically for the streetwise target, you […]

Four Tips For Making Homes Your Business

If you like the joy on people’s faces when they buy their own home, or when they rent their first apartment, you may be interested into going into business as a real estate agent, a renter, or some other career in which you help people get a home for themselves. While this line of work […]

The Good And The Bad Of Marijuana

Marijuana is all over the news these days. From states decriminalizing it, to medical facts stating that it can help cancer patients and more, many people are even more confused about marijuana than ever. Plus, in states that have made it legal, so to speak, there are now dispensaries to shop at and risks of […]