4 Reasons to Regularly Bathe Your Dog

Dogs are lovable. There is no question that having a dog will bring joy to your life. It will also bring muddy paws, hairballs and a little stink. Fortunately, a regularly bathed dog can remain soft and fluffy, shed less, and smell good; not to mention, cleaner dogs create happier pet owners. Included here are […]

3 Best Places to Watch the Game

Are you an avid sports fan? Is there nothing more pleasing for you than sitting down with a cold beer to enjoy your favorite team? If so, you may need to know the best places to watch the game. Sometimes, finding those places can be difficult; listed here are a few tricks to finding the […]

Options for Conquering Addiction

Substance addiction can destroy a life faster than almost anything. Addiction saps productivity, enthusiasm, and joy. It can seem as if there is no escape, but there is. The path away from addiction is different for everyone, and there are many options available to help break tough addictions and get your life back. Here are […]

3 Important Reasons to Watch the Freight Transportation Services Index

Most people don’t know much about The Freight Transportation Services Index which is usually abbreviated as TSI. It’s just a measure of the volume of services that are performed by the transportation sector. It includes both freight and passenger carriers. By tracking the information in the TSI, you can see a pattern that shows just […]

Scary Celebrity Injuries

Celebrities are imperfectly humans and as such, they are not exempted from experiencing physical and emotional pain that ordinary folks go through. No matter how much they take care of themselves or find ways to protect themselves, accidents are bound to happen. And so you hear news and stories about actors and actresses, young and […]

DUI’S: 3 Easy Steps to Avoiding a Conviction

Driving while under the influence is not a charge anyone wants on their record. It increases your insurance costs, may impact your employability, and could potentially make it difficult to obtain credit or housing. You absolutely must protect yourself from getting a DUI conviction on your record. 1. If you choose to drink, don’t drive. […]

5 Best Medical Devices

Today perhaps more than at any time in the past, health care costs are soaring. Additionally, approval for much-needed procedures is subject to more intense scrutiny than ever. That increased scrutiny extends to all new medical devices, inhibiting the appearance and usage of innovative devices. Fortunately, in 2012 a new regulatory agency was formed. Named […]

3 Money- and Time-Saving Tips for Business Owners

As a business owner, you are stretched thin. You have so many demands on your time and on your budget. What if you could save both money and time for your business? Follow these three tips to do just that. Automate Technology really is our friend, especially if you own a business. You can streamline […]