Lifestyle is a very broad topic. Thus, creating and building a lifestyle blog may not be as easy as most would like to think. Some see it as some magazine-type of reporting while others may look at it as more of a personal sharing of the day-to-day existence of the author. Whatever form it adopts however, it would require a clear and structured manner of building it towards online success. [caption id="attachment_4059" align="alignnone" width="640"]Image Source Image Source[/caption] Define the Lifestyle Blog You Want to Create As already ...

Awesome Landlord Being a landlord is no easy task, no matter how many articles you find about the allure of passive income. Sometimes it’s impossible to fill a vacant property, sometimes a tenant is a nightmare and your state laws make it tough to evict them, and sometimes you get stuck with a lemon of a property that you’re constantly fixing. However, when landlording is done right, it really is the American dream come true. But is it your American dream? Becoming a landlord requires a huge investment and a lot of risk. It’s not something to jump into lightly, unlike other entrepreneurial pursuits such as blogging that has little required investment (beyond your time, of course). If you’ve been thinking about becoming a landlord, check to see if you share commonalities with successful landlords. If you do, it might just be the match you’ve been searching for.

stressed Technology enables us to take on more work over longer periods of time. Even in traditional work environments, increased demand for speed, productivity, and mobility can seem unmanageable. Mobile technologies blur the lines between our personal and professional lives, and lead us to use our downtime to check work emails or even finish tasks outside the office. Work stress can start to compound and negatively impact your life. Here are four warning signs that you might be suffering from work-related stress.

sleek_slick “Futuristic” things have always tended to be rendered as shiny metal, cold, and seemingly impenetrable. It was true of the UFOs in the 1950s and has remained so throughout books, films, TV shows, and any other media since. If you want to present something as high-tech and futuristic, it obviously has to be shiny. Some “creative types” went a little unorthodox and pushed the brush metal option, but that’s still a kissing cousin of the classic. If you’re in the tech industry, you might be tired of constantly seeing your reflection in all your gadgets and devices. The good news is that style and décor trends have been moving toward a more natural, organic look in recent years. People have realized that what makes them feel good is not blinding silver, but wood, neutrals, and soothing tones. That trend has (finally) expanded to technology, with everything from wood-coated USBs to bamboo PC casings. Here are a few reasons to ditch sleek and slick in favor of the natural approach.

Local-map-image Many companies make the mistake of setting up their business listings online and then forgetting about them. Unfortunately, these digital elements cannot thrive unless businesses regularly maintain them. Outdated information, customer service opportunities, or errors that go unchecked can hurt your business in the long run. Take a look at these four considerations to make as you maintain online business listings. Customer Feedback If your business is listed on customer review sites, then it is extremely important to keep track of the feedback posted to these channels. Companies often have the opportunity to address customer service concerns or discover common complaints. Your customer feedback might be difficult to look at sometimes, however it is an extremely valuable source of input. Take prompt action to resolve issues and turn detractors into promoters.


According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases are the number one killer the world over. If this is not enough to convince you to start taking care of your heart right NOW, then I don't know what is!

Dr. Cesar Yepes, a well- trained, highly experienced cardiologist, specializes in interventional and non-invasive cardiology, including transthoracic and transesophageal echocardiography and nuclear cardiology. He has vast experience in dealing with cardiovascular diseases and recommends paying attention to a heart-healthy diet. In terms of a heart-healthy diet, he says that, in general:

It depends upon the culture.The main issue is to maintain balance between carbohydrates, fat, and protein intake. Avoid saturated fat and maintain a caloric intake according to ideal weight for each individual. In general, white meats plenty of salad with minimum dressingor no dressing are ideal. Plenty of fruits are good but avoid too many bananas or mango. Avoid saturated fats as well.

Dr. Cesar Yepes also highlights one reason for the proliferation of heart diseases in modern society: "Modern diets have high caloric value and this associated with lack of exercise contributes to coronary artery disease."

This is why it is vital that we look at what we're eating if we want to have a healthy heart. As for specific food items, here are some of the best that will protect your heart.

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