According to a new study out of Stanford University, the pile of homework your son or daughter comes home with each day might have a negative effect on health. The study focused on more than 4,000 children in both public and private schools.

What researchers found was startling. Immense stress due to excessive homework created health issues.


Thousands of unwanted animals enter shelters on every day across the country, but the trends in animal rescue have never been more positive. Instead of purchasing purebreds from breeders and pet stores, families and individuals are visiting local shelters and returning home with furry friends that provide a lifetime of love.

Besides providing excellent, nonjudgmental companionship, these animals are also good for your health. They’ll help keep your blood pressure down and your chin up. Here's how.

Recovering from a divorce and a bitter one at that is never easy. Life can be a mix-up of emotions, circumstances, and major changes that is almost always difficult to face. There is no choice however but to face them since they will be the key to recovering from the divorce. Image Source Bitter divorces are usually characterized by a lot of maneuverings and strategizing. They may involve deceit, threat, and violence. So without undermining the difficulty of going through divorce, here are 5 suggested steps for easier recovery from a bitter divorce. Grieve Any kind of marital divorce would ...

When a business is thriving, everything feels extremely good. Customers are happy, stocks are up, product is moving, and everyone’s in a great mood. But a business can experience downtimes as well.

Sales may not be what you projected. A new product line or service was not embraced by customers. There can be any number of reasons why a business experiences a bad patch. But getting into that state does not mean you’re stuck there.

There are several ways that firms can get back in the groove. Here’s a few things you can do to turn it around.

Researchers recently released a study showing that a rare gene mutation prevents people from developing type 2 diabetes. In type 2 diabetes, the body develops a resistance to insulin, the hormone responsible for sugar uptake.

This causes the buildup of more sugar in a person’s blood than normal, which places him or her at risk for several secondary conditions. The study found that the removal of the ZNT8 gene helps to reduce the risk of diabetes by 66%.

The results of this research may someday be used to develop a medicine to help people afflicted by diabetes.

Over the years, we amass so much stuff that our houses seem smaller than they really are. Instead of moving somewhere bigger, you can move your things around and reclaim the space that was once yours. Organizing the house might even save you money. Here are some ways you can organize your home and make it a better place to live in while getting some cleaning done in the process. Organize the Bills Bills come every month and you might need to keep these documents for reference later on. A very easy way to ...

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