Autumn in Japan: Koyo and Culture

As summer is nearly at it’s end, I thought I’d post this wonderful photo that was taken during Koyo, or “red leaf” season, which takes place in the autumn in Japan. The changing seasons is very much a part of Japanese culture, and while the Spring’s Cherry Blossom or Sakura season is famous around the […]

How to Choose Grass Lawn Alternatives

Many areas around the country continue struggling to survive despite being in the throngs of an ongoing drought. The lack of seasonal moisture means that numerous communities have instilled watering restrictions in an effort to conserve resources. Weather condition is one of the reasons that many homeowners begin contemplating a redesign in landscape. Other factors […]

Getting The Designer Genes You Want For Your Kids

It has reached a point where traditional methods of needing to have sex in order to produce children are, well, an antiquated notion. Planning a family no longer requires a woman to keep a man around. Today’s modern woman can simply reserve the sperm she needs in a local sperm bank. Is the purchasing of […]

The Importance of Good Website Content

The days of filling websites and blog posts with hundreds of keywords to drive traffic are gone. Instead, new search engine algorithms focus on quality, well-written content to rank websites. Search engines such as Google and Bing have realized that well-written content engages readers and promotes other sites to link to similar sites. Defining Good […]

What’s Hanging In Your Closet?

It seems like there are new fashion trends each season. Whether it’s in clothing or accessories, you will often find a new design or color as the years go by, making shopping for new fashions fun. The 2014 fall and winter season will be the biggest yet in bold patterns and blended colors. Clothing The […]

4 Steps to a Healthy Home

“Health” can mean many things, both with your body and your home. Ensuring you have a healthy environment can improve your overall well-being including physical health, peace of mind, and your productivity. However, aiming for a healthy home isn’t as easy as you may think. It can require regular check-ins, updates and remember that it’s […]

iPad Sales Expected To Rise As Apple Introduces Gold iPad Air And iPad Pro

Sometime this month, Apple will be releasing a gold version of the iPad Air. According to Cheap Phones, this new version is expected to significantly push up iPad Air sales in the last quarter of 2014. This release will coincide with the release of iPad Mini. However, customers will have to wait a little longer […]

4 Ways the Whole Family Can Improve Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene is critical to your family’s health and just as important as a healthy diet, exercise regimen and intellectual stimulation. However, since everyone in the family has different circadian rhythms, habits, sleep needs and obstacles for attaining quality sleep, there’s no one size fits all strategy. If you’re a parent, you need your own […]