Identity Theft is Malicious and Here’s How to Avoid It

Criminals don’t care if you’re poor. They don’t care if you’re sick. Criminals don’t even really care if you’re rich. They’re into equal opportunity. No matter where the opportunity knocks, if the door is easy to break down, they’re in and they’re out to take you for all that you’re worth. Granted, in a normal […]

Tips For Anyone Interested in Multi-Level Marketing

Generally when people hear the phrase “multi-level marketing”, the first thing they do is snarl their upper lip, make several claims about why they hate it, and repeatedly talk about how much they think that it’s a scam. Though this can be a true statement for many companies who use the multi-level marketing strategy as […]

Illegal Immigrants in California Benefit from Crime Victim Law

Illegal aliens in the United States today no longer have to fear of being deported as long as they abide by the new laws that protect them. In California alone, several immigrant-friendly laws were passed in 2015 benefiting people living in the U.S. illegally. Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that helps undocumented immigrants who […]

Four Tips On Having The Kids Help With Moving

When it comes time to move, whatever the reason you are moving, it can be helpful to let your kids help out with the process. Maybe you are just moving across town because you’ve outgrown your current home. Maybe you’re moving to a new town, which means a new school. By letting your kids be […]

Four Unique Ideas For Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is almost here and the shelves in the stores are already turning pink and red, filled with hearts and candies that are supposed to show your love to your romantic partner or conquest. However, if you really want to show your love to someone in your life you may want to get a […]

5 Additions To Spruce Up Your Home Landscaping

Owning a home not only means that you get to decorate the inside of your house, but you have free rein to work your magic outside on the landscaping as well! And you may not be the best with larger projects, which you can always get a professional to do, but some of the smaller […]

Tips For Getting On With Your Life After Addiction

Addiction is rough, on you and on your family. Once an addict you are always an addict, and always just a moment away from your next fix. Because of this it can be really difficult to get on with life once you’re clean and sober. Getting back out into the world after rehab can open […]

4 Tips for Integrating Soothing Water Into Your Life

Marine biologist, Wallace J. Nichols, believes that humans have a “blue mind.” This means that the sound or presence of water is subconsciously soothing to the human psyche. Your ideal vacation is likely to include water in some form, perhaps a beach day or lakeside cottage. The element of water in your vacation can increase […]