Those Faraway Places

The holiday season is here and many people are traveling to see loved ones or visit favorite places. Some will receive airline tickets as a present and may be taking their first overseas trip. Travel is easy for most Americans. A passport is needed for travel out of the country. Visas are necessary for Americans […]

Should You Buy or Rent?

After finishing college, you stayed at home for a couple more years. This gave you an opportunity to start saving up a sizeable amount of cash. But lately, you have started thinking that it might be nice to get a place of your own. Living with Mom and Dad was great while it lasted; however, […]

What More Women in Tech Could Mean to the Industry

When people picture the workforce behind all of the amazing modern-day gadgets and advent of the internet, most think of the bespectacled computer nerd, or the modern version of the stereotype, the “brogrammer,” with his stubbly facial hair and California casual dress. There is, of course, some truth to this image, and Silicon Valley is […]

Making the Most of Your African Safari

It’s one of the most famous, most adventurous-sounding ways of traveling the globe, bringing to mind images of hunting lions, sleeping in tents, and driving through the desert in a jeep. It’s a tantalizing image, but most of us have never actually done it. If you decide to take the leap this year and go […]

4 Ways Travel Sites Trick You

Travel is an interesting beast, where there’s no such things as “fixed” prices for airlines, hotels, tourist attractions and more. As people become more weary travelers, they begin to learn the tricks, hacks and ways to get the best deals. They start traveling during the off season, asking for discounts instead of assuming there aren’t […]

3 Hidden Dangers of Fire Damage

The dangers don’t end when the flames are put out. Fire damage can linger for years, and if you try to DIY with a cleanup, you probably won’t get all of the soot and flourishing mold from the water that tamed the fire. “Soot” is the residue left over from the smoke, and what exactly […]

Why Flagstones are Great for Patios

Patios are a great addition to any home. It promotes outdoor living and enables homeowners to create a garden or any green space in their property. A most suitable material used in creating patios is the natural stone. Natural stones come in different types and one of the most popular is the flagstone. Flagstones can […]

Amazing Places You Should Visit In The Asia Pacific Region

The next time you go on a vacation, stray from the usual touristy destinations and go on an adventure. Explore the unfamiliar and see exotic places seldom featured by travel websites and brochures. There are so many virgin places that have not been spoilt by the commerce of the tourism industry. Here are five spots […]