Going Places With Your Education: Three Study Abroad Destinations That Deserve a Second Look

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In a world where businesses of all sizes operate on a global scale and as the U.S. becomes an increasingly diverse country, traveling abroad can offer more than just a fun experience during college. It can function as a very valuable asset on one’s resume after graduation. Although there are plenty of destinations that are sure to create an enlightening experience, the following list references some additional considerations you might want to make when choosing your own study abroad location.

  • The United Kingdom

Our friends across the pond have an excellent reputation for academic prestige– so much so that some American students even choose to spend their entire college experience at one of the United Kingdom’s top universities. You can choose from a number of these top schools when you study abroad in either England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales. One pretty obvious perk about choosing the U.K. is that you also won’t have to learn a new language, yet you’ll still be just a short boat ride away from diverse and enriching nations all across western Europe.

  • China

If you want to get involved in any form of business, familiarizing yourself with one of the strongest economies in the world can certainly prepare you for a job where you will likely be working with professionals from China. Since Chinese is one of the most prevalently spoken languages across the globe, developing fluency in this tongue is another effective way to impress hiring managers and apply your skills in the workplace. The University of Hong Kong is one specific institution worth looking into for your travel abroad experience, since this college was ranked fourth in Asia in 2010 and described by Quacquarelli Symonds as “a world-class comprehensive research university.”

  • Spain

Knowing Spanish is crucial when working in an American company. In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau recently reported that Spanish is the primary language spoken at home by nearly 37 million Americans aged five or older. This figure is more than twice as high as the one reported in 1990. Although there are plenty of destinations students could visit to learn and develop their Spanish-speaking abilities, Spain is the perfect choice for those who want to discover the fascinating history and rich culture of the country as well. Barcelona features several universities with immersion programs for students fluent in Spanish or Catalan, and it’s also a great destination for students studying arts and architecture.

Traveling abroad is not something any student should take lightly. Aside from the fun part of figuring out your destination, there are other planning aspects that go into securing a fun, safe and stress-free trip. After you determine a good budget plan for your travel abroad experience, it’s important to look into travel insurance for students to make sure you’re covered in case anything goes wrong. You may not be able to plan for the unexpected, but you can make sure you have a Plan B in case an emergency arises.


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