Building a Peaceful Getaway in Your Bedroom

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When you’re ready to relax, you need a place that belongs solely to you. It’s a haven away from work, family and responsibility. Your bedroom is that place. Turn it into a peaceful getaway that welcomes you to relax, unwind and rest any time of day.

Create Serenity

Peace in your bedroom begins with an environment that’s dedicated to relaxing and sleeping. This environment should be free of clutter, noise and chaos.

You’ll want to remove anything not associated with relaxation or sleep. Your child’s toys, unpaid bills or piles of laundry create chaos rather than peace. Remove these and other unnecessary items that inhibit you from truly feeling at peace.

The TV and computer are two items that prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. Their distraction reduces the peace you feel in your room, and removing these tech gadgets gives you more tranquility in your bedroom.

Add Color

Have you ever noticed how certain colors make you feel different emotions? Orange typically causes excitement while blue calms emotions. In your bedroom, choose a wall color that encourages peaceful emotions.

Cool colors like blues, purples and greens invoke feelings of calm. Bright colors like red create a distraction from the peace you crave. If you really love bright colors, use them on one wall or as accent colors in a quilt, curtain or framed painting. Your room invites you to relax and unwind when the primary colors include peaceful hues.

Organize the Furniture

The mismatched bed and dressers you acquired over the years cause feelings of unrest in your room. A matching set of beautiful bedroom furniture gives your room a more mature feel and accents your new wall colors.

Treat the Windows

When you relax and sleep, you need privacy. Window treatments prevent your neighbors from looking into your room, and they keep out unwanted light. Try blinds that prevent sunlight from entering, and layer them with attractive curtains.

The texture and color of your window treatments creates an aura of elegance in your room and serves to increase your comfort. Consider sheer curtains for a light, airy look or heavy-duty curtains that prevent drafts. No matter which window treatments you choose, they enhance your room’s overall design and help you relax.

Light it Up

An overhead light allows you to see as you read or get dressed, but it doesn’t add peacefulness to your retreat. Try a dimmer switch that gives you control over the amount of light in your room. Track lighting is another option when you want to control where and how much light you can access in your haven.

Personalize It

When your room is designed and decorated just the way you like it, add a few elements that personalize it. Your favorite books, an inspiration framed quote or an heirloom quilt personalize your room. Don’t overload your haven with memorabilia, collectibles or piles of books, but make sure it includes elements that make you feel at home.

Clean It

Dust, pet dander and odors aggravate asthma and allergies while creating an unpleasant sleep environment. Use an air cleaner to purify the indoor air in your haven.

You’ll also want to run a dust cloth over the furniture and vacuum at least once a week. If possible, ban pets from sleeping in your bedroom. When your room is clean, you’re able to relax and breathe deeply.

Insomnia causes a variety of health problems and interferes with your ability to cope with daily life. Create a peaceful getaway in your bedroom that encourages you to relax, unwind and sleep.


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