How Comics can Benefit Kids

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Cartoons or what is commonly referred to as anime these days has always had a huge impact on kids. Owing to their vibrant colors, unique characters and interesting storylines, they appeal to small children and even teens. It is not a surprise at all why they have attracted and continue to attract millions of kids from all over the globe.

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But while the anime may have become more popular today, the traditional comics continue to have its own share of fans, young and old alike. The print version is still being published amid the existence of the digital version. Online, the Kickstarter comics can be purchased on the Forevergeek site.

Parents who own print comics should find time to expose their kids to such form of entertainment. What they have may already be collectibles and no longer available in the market. In fact, studies have shown that comic books benefit children’s learning. Researchers have confirmed that comics can be used as a good reading material for children even though teachers and parents may not totally agree with it and critics downplay it as not real books due to the absence of pictures and dense column of words.

Learning Benefits

A study by scientists from the University of Illinois claim that reading, regardless of the material used, goes beyond simply absorbing the text. Professor Carol Tilley pointed out that reading comics is as sophisticated as reading other kinds of books.

Based on their research, she said they discovered that children also improved their vocabulary and developed a love for reading through the use of comic books. Comics are another medium and another genre of reading and how they can benefit the small children depends on the intellect and personality, she added.

The scientists further explained that despite their lack of pictures and words or reading challenge in general, comics can be considered as a complex literature just like any other book. The results of their study was published in the School Library monthly journal.

Improved Reading Skills

Other studies have shown that fans of comic books and graphic novels or full-length books in illustrated format are proficient in reading as much as text-only readers. In addition, they have a more comprehensive vocabulary and above grade level reading skills.

Kids who still haven’t developed a love for reading have also been found to enjoy comics. The experts say they eventually improve their appreciation for books and move into full-length books and novels.

In line with this, small children can also become visually literate. This means developing the ability to integrate text and visual input at the same time which enables kids to somehow comprehend the big picture.

Increased Vocabulary

Through comics, kids can also improve on their vocabulary via the process of inference. They can seek help from their parents or they can learn to find the words and their meaning on their own using the dictionary.

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