Who Holds the Purse Strings?

People often say that it is stupid to let money get in the way of a good relationship but still many a good relationship have turned sour due to money issues. In fact it has long been established that one of the of the frequent reasons for divorce is money. The sad thing is

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that it isn”t even always the lack of money that”s the issue but the difference in money management.

What I have found to be true is that for any family the styleRobes de bal courte of money management will be different since it will depend on the different personalities involved, the amount Windows 7 Home Basic SP1 Clave
of money the couple makes, and the projected monthly expenses. However if you can just follow some of the tips below it will definitely help with the money issue and hopefully save you from destroying an otherwise good relationship.

1. Agree to sit down and talk about the issue seriously and calmly. When you do talk forget about the past issues and set your mind in coming up with a consensus.

2. Figure out who should hold the purse strings. This is pretty easy to figure out by simply answering the question: Who is more responsible when it Windows 7 Ultimate Clave comes to money? If one you has a habit of blowing off money then face the fact and give your partner the purse strings. If both of you are pretty responsible then you could divide casino the responsibility between you.

3. Money management style. This will be determined by what you came up with in number 2. You can have one person doing all the accounting and budgeting or you can share the burden. Just make sure that if you decide on having just one person holding the purse strings that you both really agree to it. Sharing the responsibility comes in different degrees. You can share the burden of budgeting and still just have one person be the “banker”. You

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can actually separate the expenses from the very start and have each person be responsible for certain bills. You can also have one person take care of the expenditure part
Robes de mariée while the other takes care of savings and investment. In the end the important thing is that the style you come up with is a compromise you both agree with.

4. Leeway. Always give leeway to each other. If one of you slips up don”t renege on your decisions and automatically grab the reins. Make adjustments and simply do your best to follow your budget again. To minimize frustration be sure to be realistic about your budget and to give each member of the family extra money to spend on whatever they want. In the end it is still JUST money and money should NEVER get in the way of a good relationship.

TV Means Family Time

Believe it or not, I grew up in a house without a TV. We only got a TV when my older sister gave one as a gift to my parents. That was just a couple of years back.

Unimaginable to many, we never really got bored even without a TV. My sister and I grew up with books and there”s always the neighbour”s house every time we felt like watching cartoons or MacGyver. That doesn”t mean that we didn”t occasionally pester my parents to get one. My mother was always adamant about not getting one though and we never won.

Growing up without a TV had its advantages: we always got our homework done soon as we got home since there was no TV to lure us; we fell in love with books, which honed our imaginations and I guess our writing skills as well; we learned how to be more creative since we couldn”t just plop down in front of the TV to while away time; and we grew very close with the family across the street since we spent “TV time” with them.

It also had its disadvantages though. One of the things I hated about it was not being able to get some jokes because I rarely saw the TV commercials my classmates were so fond of imitating and couldn”t join in their lengthy discussions about their favorite TV shows. This is probably why I usually pay more attention to commercials than most people. It also

sharpened my memory so that after watching one episode of a TV series I would be able to memorize the characters I saw and deduce the plot so it would seem like I watched the show pretty regularly.

As I see my dad and mom enjoying the TV in our old house I realized that TV has more perks than I used to give it credit. My parents now spend more time together since they love to watch DVD copies of TV series that we bring home (they don”t have an antenna or cable and just watch DVDs) and get animated when I ask them about the latest episode of Prison Break that they saw. My little cousin who lives with us also got into Taekwondo after seeing old Jet Li films. I have come to realize that TV time can translate into quality time with your family. Forget about what people say about important shows and what you can learn from TV. They are really nice perks but I believe that the fun it can inject in a family is its biggest advantage. I am still a firm believer in controlled TV time and now that I have my own family we still don”t have a TV…yet. We plan on buying one pretty soon though.